Civic Space Developments

People protest over economic crisis

Many demonstrations have occurred in Suriname because of the ongoing financial and economic crisis in the country. Read more

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New Police Code undermines right to peaceful protest

New Police Code place new limitations on the right to peaceful protest. Read more

Draft law restricts freedom of expression and peaceful protest in Iraq

Freedom of expression continues to be seriously restricted , with three journalists killed and a new draft law that civil society rejected as restrict freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Read more

Demonstrations repressed in Libreville, protest leaders remain in detention

Tensions continue to increase as presidential elections approach. Demonstrations by the political opposition and civil society were repressed, and journalists were attacked. Read more

Journalists and human rights defenders continue to face risks in Syria

Freedom of expression continues to be seriously violated by all sides and journalists and human rights defenders need urgent protection Read more

Scores arrested during Black Lives Matter protests

The month of July was marked by reports of major arrests, violent protests and police brutality across the nation. Read more

Scores arrested during Black Lives Matter protests

New bill to regulate civil society worries local groups

Nigerian civil society is concerned by provisions in a proposed bill to regulate the sector, which could increase scrutiny and surveillance over CSOs. Read more

Police brutality on the rise in Uganda

Police use excessive force including batons and force to disrupt an LGBTI gathering and opposition demonstrations. Read more

Authorities scrap proposals to regulate free expression during elections

The Supreme Electoral Council annulled a regulation that would have undermined freedom of expression during the election campaign that begins on 20th August. Read more

Journalist shot in Lesotho

Respect for freedom of expression has recently been severely undermined in Lesotho, following blatant attacks on journalists, including the shooting of one reporter. Read more