Protests in Jamaica demand justice for police killing

Protestors took to the streets in Jamaica to demand justice following the killing of a 19-year-old by police. Read more

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LGBTI organisation faces obstacles to register

Fijian authorities are still delaying the registration of LGBTI organisation Rainbow Pride. Read more

LGBTI activists arrested during simultaneous demonstrations

Protests in Tblisi on 17th May resulted in the arrest of 10 LGBTI activists as religious conservatives held simultaneous demonstrations. Read more

Protestors Mobilise in Tirana as allegations of police surveillance emerge

Protests by the Cham community result in clashes with police as equipment found in police station sparks fears of surveillance of journalists in Albania. Read more

Environmental Protest Turns Violent on Kerkennah Islands

Protests opposing the negative environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry on the Kerkennah Islands turned violent. Read more

Mexican Police use excessive force against teacher protests

The police used deadly force on protesters in Oaxaca who were marching against educational reforms and the arrest of a union leader. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro

A court imposes a heavy sentence on a prominent civil society activist, while anti-Nato protests take place in Podgorica. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

LEGABIBO wins its four year legal battle for registration, as protestors are arrested and a journalist faces trial for sedition. Read more

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

Legal reforms on court reporting rejected by the President

Lithuania's Pride Parade proceeds without incident, as the President vetoes amendments to the Penal Code Read more

Draft NGO law contains restrictions on freedom of association

In March, the Ministry of Social Development released a draft NGO law, raising concerns about restrictions on freedom of association. Read more