Journalist attacked and threatened in Burkina Faso


The number of threats against journalists critical of the authorities, especially of the head of state in Burkina Faso, has been increasing in recent months. On 9th January 2017, Ali Mamadou Compaoré, a journalist at the national television station, was assaulted in his neighbourhood by two unknown persons. Prior to the attack, Compaoré had reported receiving threats over the phone. Though no direct connection to the assault has been made, Compaoré had at times criticised the president of of Burkina Faso in his reporting.

In response to the assault, on 23rd January 2017, the Association of Journalists of Burkina Faso (AJB) issued a statement condemning "these repetitive acts of aggression and intimidation against Mr. Ali Compaoré". The AJB offered its "full support to Mr. Compaoré and his family" as well as continued solidarity with all journalists concerned about exercising their right to freedom of expression in such a potentially threatening environment.