Imprisoned HRD Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam begins hunger strike


Domestic and international groups have expressed grave concerns about the mistreatment and continued detention of human rights defender Mudawi Ibrahim Adam. On 24th January, rights group Frontline Defenders reported that Adam was: 

'...chained by hands and feet to a wall in Kober Prison in Khartoum. He has been badly beaten.' 

Adam began a hunger strike on 22nd January to raise awareness of mistreatment by authorities since his imprisonment on 7th December. This is the fifth time that he has been imprisoned since 2003.

The latest monitoring of civil society space via the Sudan Civil Society Watch bulletin shows that Sudanese authorities continue to harrass and detain a wide spectrum of civic groups. Those recently targetted include supporters of the NGO TRACKs, which has been taken to court because of its human rights work in recent months; representatives of the Mahas - a sub-group of the Nubian people - who were prevented from convening a meeting in their own club to discuss the rampant artisanal mining taking place in their region; and doctors, who security agents also prevented from convening a meeting to discuss their response to the failure of the government to honour previous commitments.