Expression and protest rights well-respected in Jamaica


The internet is providing a space for activists in Jamaica to freely express themselves and even allows for harsh criticism of the government. In an opinion piece published on 16th November, young blogger and Occupy Jamaica activist Mario Boothe criticised the central government for manipulating the dates of local elections and denigrating local governance. Boothe also highlighted poor local governance, which according to the author is wasteful, outdated and corrupt. Another article published on 12th November commented on a recent research report by the Jamaica Civil Society Coalition and the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition. The report highlighted the misuse of public funds and resources and ultimately called on the government to improve the governance and transparency framework.

Peaceful Assembly

A major protest was held in Jamaica after the death of a 14-year-old boy, who was robbed and murdered on a public transport vehicle as he made his way home from school. The Jamaica College Parent Teacher Association came together and planned a silent protest under the motto 'We are against violence towards all children.' Teachers, students, parents and other supporters dressed in black participated in the silent protest which called for the recognition of violent attacks on school children. Reports indicated a call was made on the government to establish a dedicated student transportation system in an effort to curb these attacks.

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