Peaceful assembly rights violated amidst continuing protests in Venezuela

Peaceful Assembly

On 14th September, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern about the constant violation of fundamental rights in Venezuela. In its press release, the IACHR reported that during a national protest on 1st September in support of a referendum related to the Venezuelan President's terms in office, the authorities imposed many restrictions on the freedom of peaceful assembly. It was reported that police arrested 81 people during the demonstration and more prior to the event. Authorities also tried to prevent the mobilisation by blocking major access roads in Caracas. 


Journalists continue to be constantly arrested in Venezuela. On 3rd September, journalist with Confidential Report Braulio Jatar was arrested for posting a video of a protest against President Nicolas Maduro. He was later charged with 'money laundering'. Due to his dual Venezuelan-Chilean nationality, the Government of Chile demanded Jatar's release. The Venezuelan government however refused, stating that Jatar is Venezuelan and that he had committed a crime in the country.  

During the national protest, it was reported that authorities had prevented foreign journalists from entering the country in an attempt to avoid international media coverage. Local organisation Espacio Publico documented 13 freedom of expression violations during September, most of them committed during the national protest.