Some refugee protests turn violent in Germany

Peaceful Assembly

The refugee crisis sparked frequent pro and anti-refugee and migrant protests in several cities across Germany during the first half of 2016, with tensions often erupting where counter-demonstrations were organised. The police took measures to protect and facilitate each assembly. At several events, police fired water canon to disperse the demonstrators and detained protesters. Kettle operations were also used to contain the movement of protestors. On 30th April, protesters were encircled by the police and 400 were temporarily detained while counter-demonstrating against a congress of the right-wing and anti-immigrant party Alternative fur Deutschland. Pepper spray was also used to hold off the protesters. Journalists were attacked with firecrackers by demonstrators while covering the event. On 4th June, far-right activists demonstrated in the city of Dortmund against the government’s immigration policy. The event sparked several counter-protests organised by trade unions and left-wing organisations. Riot police were deployed to defuse tension and prevent violence. The police also imposed restrictions on the location originally planned by the protesters because of possible public order implications.