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Authorities tighten surveillance of CSOs in the wake of terror attacks

Freedom of expression and media freedom are under major threat in Bangladesh. According to rights group Ain o Salish Kendra 74 journalists were allegedly subjected to torture in Bangladesh in the first six months of 2016. Read more

Authorities tighten surveillance of CSOs in the wake of terror attacks

Suppression of civil society continues in Bahrain

A court ordered the dissolution of the opposition political society, Al-Wefaq as many human rights defenders and journalists were arrested and banned for travelling, especially those attending human rights events. Read more

Russia's new anti-terror laws threaten free expression, privacy

New laws requiring mobile and internet providers to store users' information for up to three years threaten to undermine free expression and the right to privacy even further in Russia. Read more

Crackdown on Media continues and 100 protestors detained in Sudan

On 20th June, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) confiscated the daily newspaper Akhir Lahza, allegedly due to publishing a report that addressed organisational changes within the ruling National Congress Party (NCP). In a separate incident, sit-ins were organised on the first week of July in eastern Sudan's city of El Gedaref calling for improvements to the provision of services following floods during the rainy season. Security forces detained more than a hundred residents. Read more

Pre-emptive arrests curtail peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan

Anti-government protests inspired by the bill on 21st May were refused permission by the authorities. In the preceding days, organisers took to social media to coordinate support but were blighted by a spate of pre-emptive arrests by the state. Read more

Concern over calls to shut social media during elections

Comments by the head of the police in Ghana that social media could be shut down during November 2016 elections caused concern among civil society. Read more

Council of Ministers preparing new law on associations

The Palestinian Council of Ministers is preparing a new law on associations through a commission which does not include civil society representation. Read more

Correa vilifies nongovermental organisations

Ecuador's President Correa alleges that there is an invasion of NGOs supported by other governments, which are a threat to democracy because they set a political agenda without democratic legitimacy or responsibility.

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Hundreds of protestors shot dead in Ethiopia

A brutal crackdown has left over 400 protestors dead while a new cybercrime law threatens to further restrict online space for civil society. Read more

'Colourful Revolution' protest leaders demeaned in public

A protest movement held sustained demonstrations against abuse of state power as its leaders were demeaned in public and targetted by counter-demonstrators. Read more