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Tensions in Kashmir Reach Boiling Point

As the death toll reaches over 90, and with thousands of civilians injured, the conditions for civic activism in the Kashmir region are closing rapidly under pressure from the authorities. While protests rage, clashes between protesters and security forces have become a regular occurrence. Read more

Tensions in Kashmir Reach Boiling Point

Freedom of expression violated on and offline in Kenya

A blogger was sued by the National Bank of Kenya for publishing statements that the bank considered defamatory while a pro-government politician warned journalists against covering his events. Read more

Freedom of expression violated on and offline in Kenya

Concern over calls to shut social media during elections

Comments by the head of the police in Ghana that social media could be shut down during November 2016 elections caused concern among civil society. Read more

Anti-TPP protest tear gassed in Lima

A massive protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Lima was repressed with tear gas by the security forces, resulting in many people injured and arrested. A journalist covering the protest was prevented from doing so by the police.

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Killing of human rights defenders worsens in 2016

The situation for human rights defenders in Colombia seems to be deteriorating. In the first week of March, five social leaders were assassinated. Minga movement protests have been repressed in recent months and journalists are facing higher risks while reporting, especially in conflict areas. Read more