criminal defamation

Violence during public assemblies in Guinea

Although article 7 of Guinea's constitution guarantees the freedom of peaceful assembly, on 17th and 18th June the military violently suppressed a protest by residents of the city of Mali, who were calling for the departure of Army Colonel Issa Camara. Twenty-two citizens were injured, three of them seriously. Read more

New regulations for civil society as threats continue against Italy's journalists

Reforms were passed on 18th June which could improve registration processes for CSOs; while journalists in Italy continue to face physical attacks, death threats and denial of information requests. Read more

Pre-emptive arrests curtail peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan

Anti-government protests inspired by the bill on 21st May were refused permission by the authorities. In the preceding days, organisers took to social media to coordinate support but were blighted by a spate of pre-emptive arrests by the state. Read more

Environmental Protest Turns Violent on Kerkennah Islands

Protests opposing the negative environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry on the Kerkennah Islands turned violent. Read more

Journalist shot dead in Mogadishu as media violations also take place in Puntland, Somaliland

On 6th June, Sagal Salad Osman, a producer and presenter for state-owned Radio Mogadishu, was shot by unknown gunmen in Hodan district, Mogadishu. She later died of her injuries. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro

A court imposes a heavy sentence on a prominent civil society activist, while anti-Nato protests take place in Podgorica. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

LEGABIBO wins its four year legal battle for registration, as protestors are arrested and a journalist faces trial for sedition. Read more

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

Constitutional Court ruling partially decriminalises defamation

The Constitutional Court struck down seven articles of the Law on Expression and Dissemination of Thought which criminalised defamation. Read more

Constant repression of protests in Honduras

The police repressed recent protests in Honduras with tears gas and water cannon while 12 journalists were killed in 2015. Read more

Trial of Dr. Nasser Bin Gaith continues

Free expression continues to be undermined by the authorities in the UAE as civil society activists - including journalists and academics - are targetted for promoting human rights. Read more