Human rights organisations continued to call for the suspension of Saudi Arabia from the UN HRC

Saudi Arabia continues to undermine the right to association and expression as human rights defenders are subjected to arrest, criminalisation, and the closure of their human rights groups. Read more

Human rights organisations continued to call for the suspension of Saudi Arabia  from the UN HRC

Research institute stops opinion polling after public vilification

Belarusian state-run TV channels presented a “special report” accusing the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) of falsifying its public opinion polling, and their interviewers were threatened with criminal charges. Read more

Research institute stops opinion polling after public vilification

Criminalisation of journalists and activists on the rise, media freedoms under attack

Journalists and human rights defenders are under pressure as Azerbaijan prepares for a constitutional referendum which, if passed, could result in increased presidential powers. Read more

Journalists fired from public TV and media content controls imposed by Polish government

Freedom of expression has suffered since the Law and Order Party came to power in 2015. Numerous journalists have been fired or forced to quit public television, which has come increasingly under government control. Read more

Proposed Foreign Intelligence Law threatens media freedoms

A newly drafted law on the Foreign Intelligence Agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) would allow the Foreign Intelligence Services to monitor foreign journalists. A global campaign to protect foreign journalists from surveillance by the German Federal Intelligence Agency is underway.
Two massive demonstrations took place in late July: one against Angela Merkel's open-door policy towards migrants and refugees, and another one in support of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. On the eve of the latter, the German Constitutional Court banned the broadcasting of President Erdogan's speech at the rally, a decision that was criticised as a violation of the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly. Read more

Impunity for police aggression against indigenous women human rights defenders

A court in Ecuador ruled against eight women human rights defenders, rejecting their allegations of police aggression during a peaceful protest. Read more

Surveillance, Intimidation and Harassment of Critical Journalists Continues in Serbia

The onslaught against independent journalists and outspoken critics of the government continues in Serbia. Pro-government newspapers called for the arrest of alleged "foreign mercenaries" supposedly working to destabilise the country. Read more

Oman arrests journalists and shuts down Azamn newspaper

Omani authorities arrested three journalists and ordered the immediate closure of the Azamn newspaper Read more

Protest at post-election event disrupted

Four silent protestors were forcibly removed following a silent protest to raise the issue of rape in South Africa. Read more

Freedom of expression under threat in Kosovo

In June 2016 a journalist from Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) received threats from individuals identifying themselves as past senior officers in the Kosovo Liberation Army. In May 2016, RTK was ordered to leave its headquarters by the Kosovo Privatization Agency (KPA), which claimed that RTK was using the building illegally. Read more