Surveillance, Intimidation and Harassment of Critical Journalists Continues in Serbia

The onslaught against independent journalists and outspoken critics of the government continues in Serbia. Pro-government newspapers called for the arrest of alleged "foreign mercenaries" supposedly working to destabilise the country. Read more

Police brutality on the rise in Uganda

Police use excessive force including batons and force to disrupt an LGBTI gathering and opposition demonstrations. Read more

Police and protestors clash in Yerevan

Police fired tear gas, forcefully broke up demonstrations and arrested sixty protestors following a tense standoff connected to the armed takeover of a police station. Read more

Protests in Iran face repression

Iranian student groups are drawing attention to the climate of fear and intimidation in universities. Meanwhile dozens of human rights defenders and activists remain in detention, often in poor conditions, for carrying out legitimate activities in defence of human rights. Read more

Attacks on civil society increased ahead of Djibouti election

Attacks on civil society and the media increased in the run-up to Djibouti's presidential election. Read more

New police protocol threatens right to protest

New rules for police operations during protests do not ban the use of live ammunition, while revised media laws undermine the independence of media regulation. Read more

28 freedom of expression violations documented in Uruguay in the past year

A report released in May 2016 recorded 28 freedom of expression violations in Uruguay in the previous 12 months. Most of the violations occurred in the capital, Montevideo and are related to the obstruction of journalistic work. Read more

New regulations for civil society as threats continue against Italy's journalists

Reforms were passed on 18th June which could improve registration processes for CSOs; while journalists in Italy continue to face physical attacks, death threats and denial of information requests. Read more

Journalist shot dead in Mogadishu as media violations also take place in Puntland, Somaliland

On 6th June, Sagal Salad Osman, a producer and presenter for state-owned Radio Mogadishu, was shot by unknown gunmen in Hodan district, Mogadishu. She later died of her injuries. Read more

Civic space threatened as violence flares in South Sudan

Renewed fighting between government factions began on 7th July as activists fled their homes in fear of being targetted. Read more