attack on journalist

Police and protestors clash in Yerevan

Police fired tear gas, forcefully broke up demonstrations and arrested sixty protestors following a tense standoff connected to the armed takeover of a police station. Read more

Protest at post-election event disrupted

Four silent protestors were forcibly removed following a silent protest to raise the issue of rape in South Africa. Read more

Suicide Bombing kills 80 during peaceful protest in Afghanistan

On 23rd June, a suicide bombing during a protest in Kabul killed 80 people and injured more than 200. The protest was staged by the Hazara community over a new proposed power line that bypasses the provinces where they live. Read more

Violence during public assemblies in Guinea

Although article 7 of Guinea's constitution guarantees the freedom of peaceful assembly, on 17th and 18th June the military violently suppressed a protest by residents of the city of Mali, who were calling for the departure of Army Colonel Issa Camara. Twenty-two citizens were injured, three of them seriously. Read more

Human rights defenders arrested in Kuwait

Two human rights defenders were recently arrested in Kuwait as the government amends the electoral law to bar anyone convicted of insulting the Emir from standing in national elections. Read more

Pre-emptive arrests curtail peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan

Anti-government protests inspired by the bill on 21st May were refused permission by the authorities. In the preceding days, organisers took to social media to coordinate support but were blighted by a spate of pre-emptive arrests by the state. Read more

Thousands demonstrate during rival protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 14th of May, over 10,000 Bosnian Serbs protests in Banja Luka in rival rallies for and against the government. After authorities declared a state of emergency at the scale of the simultaneous protests a heavy police presence managed to see both gatherings take place peacefully. Read more

Mexican Police use excessive force against teacher protests

The police used deadly force on protesters in Oaxaca who were marching against educational reforms and the arrest of a union leader. Read more

Civic space threatened as violence flares in South Sudan

Renewed fighting between government factions began on 7th July as activists fled their homes in fear of being targetted. Read more

Constitutional Court ruling partially decriminalises defamation

The Constitutional Court struck down seven articles of the Law on Expression and Dissemination of Thought which criminalised defamation. Read more