Civic Space Developments

Syria Overview

In 2016, there is probably no deadlier place to be a civil society activist than in Syria. More than five years of civil war has almost totally destroyed all protections for civil society organisations and human rights defenders in the country. Read more

Expression in UAE

Although free speech is constitutionally protected, individuals who publicly criticise the authorities in the United Arab Emirates are routinely arrested, harassed, tortured and disappear. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in UAE

The Emirati Constitution guarantees the freedom to assemble peacefully but in practice protests are banned in the UAE. Read more

Association in UAE

Operating a civil society organisation in the UAE is extremely difficult. The authorities tightly control the registration and activity of most organisations. Although state funding is available, vaguely defined laws and sweeping powers for officials mean that CSOs cannot undertake public advocacy on most issues. Read more

UAE Overview

The United Arab Emirates is today one of the world’s most repressive environments for civil society activists, as the substantial economic development of recent decades and close relations with many western democracies failed to coincide with increasing respect for fundamental freedoms. Read more

Expression in Uganda

Uganda has one of the more vibrant media environments in the region; however, in practice the government restricts the exercise of the right to free expression, using intimidation and attacks against independent journalists and tactics that close spaces for a plural and diverse media. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Uganda

Although a constitutionally protected right, the authorities have violently supressed peaceful demonstrations and police have routinely arrested protesters, especially in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Read more

Association in Uganda

In January 2016, the president signed the Non-Governmental Organisations Act into law. Read more

Uganda Overview

The freedoms of expression, assembly and association continue to be violated in Uganda. Read more

Expression in Cyprus

Although Cyprus’ ranking has fallen in the latest World Press Freedom Index, it remains a positive environment for a free media and for the open exchange of information and opinions. Read more