Civic Space Developments


Kenya has a large and diverse civil society, and the rights to freedom of association, expression, and peaceful assembly are guaranteed under Kenya’s 2010 Constitution. However, these rights are only partially respected in practice. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is also unduly restricted. Permission must be obtained from authorities prior to any demonstration, and permission is frequently denied, or time and place restrictions imposed on the assembly. Read more

United Kingdom - Overview

The United Kingdom is a consolidated democracy, in which core civic freedoms of peaceful assembly, free speech, and associational life are guaranteed by law, and generally respected and upheld in practice. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is largely observed in policy and practice under provisions of the Fundamental Law. Read more


Throughout 2015-16, Hungary has been at the centre of the recent refugee flows into Europe, from Syria and the north and horn of Africa. Read more


Freedom of expression is guaranteed under Zimbabwe’s constitution, but this right is undermined by a repressive legal framework.
Read more

Peaceful Assembly

Anti-government protests have proliferated in Zimbabwe since June 2016, as the country heads towards elections in 2018. Read more


The right to freedom of association is guaranteed under Zimbabwe’s constitution. However, Read more


Civic freedoms, including freedoms of association, peaceful assembly, and expression, are routinely and violently repressed in Zimbabwe. Read more


Algeria’s 2012 Law on Information places substantial restrictions on the ability of associations to publish and disseminate information. Read more