Civic Space Developments

Peaceful Assembly

Freedom of peaceful assembly is protected in law. However, in practice the threat of insecurity deters people from assembling. Those that do gather publicly in exercise of their rights, do so at grave personal risk. Read more


Following the 2011 revolution and the overthrow of Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi, NGOs and civil society organisations briefly flourished in Libya. However, associational life has subsequently declined as a result ongoing persecution of activists and the departure of international donors. Read more


Civil society in Libya operates amidst one of the world’s most volatile security situations, and in the context of an immense humanitarian crisis in which over 400,000 people have been internally displaced since 2014. Read more


Freedom of expression is guaranteed under the Kenyan constitution, and the country has a diverse and vocal media environment. However, a number of laws have been recently passed, which pose a threat to freedom of information, and the public’s right to access information. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is guaranteed under Kenya’s 2010 constitution. In practice, this right is routinely undermined by the state, and its security forces. Read more


Kenya’s constitution guarantees the right to freedom of association. In practice, the right is only partially respected. Unregistered societies are not legally permissible and the government has wide discretion in placing conditions upon NGO’s activities. Read more


Kenya has a large and diverse civil society, and the rights to freedom of association, expression, and peaceful assembly are guaranteed under Kenya’s 2010 Constitution. However, these rights are only partially respected in practice. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is also unduly restricted. Permission must be obtained from authorities prior to any demonstration, and permission is frequently denied, or time and place restrictions imposed on the assembly. Read more

United Kingdom - Overview

The United Kingdom is a consolidated democracy, in which core civic freedoms of peaceful assembly, free speech, and associational life are guaranteed by law, and generally respected and upheld in practice. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is largely observed in policy and practice under provisions of the Fundamental Law. Read more