Civic Space Developments

Police arrest protestors in Trinidad and Tobago

Several peaceful protests have taken place in Trinidad and Tobago in 2016. In one such protest, the police arrested three protesters. Read more

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Ukrainian journalist killed in car explosion

Ukrainian-Belarusian journalist Pavlo Sheremet was killed in a car bomb in July 2016 in the latest of a series of attacks on journalists in Ukraine. Read more

Freedom of expression under threat in Kosovo

In June 2016 a journalist from Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) received threats from individuals identifying themselves as past senior officers in the Kosovo Liberation Army. In May 2016, RTK was ordered to leave its headquarters by the Kosovo Privatization Agency (KPA), which claimed that RTK was using the building illegally. Read more

Protests on electoral reform and refugee rights gain momentum in Lebanon

Citizens and civil society groups are protesting for proportional representation to be implemented in Lebanon to break the current political deadlock. After recent suicide bombings the Lebanese authorities have become increasingly hostile to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. On 18 July, anti-racism demonstrations took place calling for the abolition of these measures. Read more

Attacks on civil society increased ahead of Djibouti election

Attacks on civil society and the media increased in the run-up to Djibouti's presidential election. Read more

Protests against energy projects face repression

Police repression in Panama is commonly being used when people protest against large-scale hydroelectric projects.
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Liberian activist freed as sedition charges dropped

A court dropped charges against activist Vandalark Patricks after he made a speech calling for accountability for the killing of human rights defenders. Read more

Myanmar mosque ransacked by armed mob and youth conference banned

On 23rd June, a mosque in Bago Province, Rakine State, Myanmar was attacked by over 200 Buddhist extremists. A disagreement over the building of a Muslim school in the area quickly escalated into religious violence, leaving the mosque ransacked and other religious sites badly damaged. In a separate event, a National Ethnic Youth Conference planned for 27 to 30 July was suspended for dubious reasons by authorities. Six hundred young people from across Myanmar had already gathered and were awaiting the start of the conference. Read more

Journalists and activists targeted as Yemen's conflict rages

In the context of the ongoing conflict and the human rights and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, civic space continues to be violated. Read more

New police protocol threatens right to protest

New rules for police operations during protests do not ban the use of live ammunition, while revised media laws undermine the independence of media regulation. Read more