Civic Space Developments

Violence during public assemblies in Guinea

Although article 7 of Guinea's constitution guarantees the freedom of peaceful assembly, on 17th and 18th June the military violently suppressed a protest by residents of the city of Mali, who were calling for the departure of Army Colonel Issa Camara. Twenty-two citizens were injured, three of them seriously. Read more

Human rights defenders arrested in Kuwait

Two human rights defenders were recently arrested in Kuwait as the government amends the electoral law to bar anyone convicted of insulting the Emir from standing in national elections. Read more

Community radio station director murdered in El Salvador

Demonstrations took place demanding the restoration of water services, but no cases of violence were reported. In an unrelated incident, a community radio journalist was killed by unidentified assailants. Read more

Repression escalates as #Thisflag movement gathers momentum

Arrests and brutality by security forces are on the rise in Zimbabwe as increasingly numbers of people mobilise under the #Thisflag movement. Read more

Repression escalates as #Thisflag movement gathers momentum

Crackdown on Media continues and 100 protestors detained in Sudan

On 20th June, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) confiscated the daily newspaper Akhir Lahza, allegedly due to publishing a report that addressed organisational changes within the ruling National Congress Party (NCP). In a separate incident, sit-ins were organised on the first week of July in eastern Sudan's city of El Gedaref calling for improvements to the provision of services following floods during the rainy season. Security forces detained more than a hundred residents. Read more

LGBTI activists arrested during simultaneous demonstrations

Protests in Tblisi on 17th May resulted in the arrest of 10 LGBTI activists as religious conservatives held simultaneous demonstrations. Read more

Students protest heavy policing & government pressures paper to suspend journalist

Protests take place amid heavy police presence following the death of a student while the government forces l'Expression newspaper to suspend a journalist. Read more

Protestors Mobilise in Tirana as allegations of police surveillance emerge

Protests by the Cham community result in clashes with police as equipment found in police station sparks fears of surveillance of journalists in Albania. Read more

New regulations for civil society as threats continue against Italy's journalists

Reforms were passed on 18th June which could improve registration processes for CSOs; while journalists in Italy continue to face physical attacks, death threats and denial of information requests. Read more

Pre-emptive arrests curtail peaceful assembly in Kazakhstan

Anti-government protests inspired by the bill on 21st May were refused permission by the authorities. In the preceding days, organisers took to social media to coordinate support but were blighted by a spate of pre-emptive arrests by the state. Read more