Civic Space Developments

Social media remains blocked in Chad

Social media platforms are still blocked as the leaders of human rights groups and social movements continue to be targetted and imprisoned. Read more

Protest rights infringed in Sierra Leone

Civil society and opposition parties faced bans and tear gas as they attempted to assemble in public during April and May 2016. Read more

Qatari authorities detained journalists from Danish Broadcasting Cooperation

The space for civil society to operate in Qatar remains closed, and the rights to freedom of association, assembly and expression are extremely restricted Read more

Pre-election violence damages basic rights in Zambia

Pre-election tensions have led to political violence, a de-facto ban on protests and the closure of Zambia's main private newspaper. Read more

Thousands demonstrate during rival protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 14th of May, over 10,000 Bosnian Serbs protests in Banja Luka in rival rallies for and against the government. After authorities declared a state of emergency at the scale of the simultaneous protests a heavy police presence managed to see both gatherings take place peacefully. Read more

Mexican Police use excessive force against teacher protests

The police used deadly force on protesters in Oaxaca who were marching against educational reforms and the arrest of a union leader. Read more

Civic space threatened as violence flares in South Sudan

Renewed fighting between government factions began on 7th July as activists fled their homes in fear of being targetted. Read more

Blogger Murdered in Pakistan

Khurram Zaki, the outspoken editor of Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) was murdered in Karachi on 8th May. Read more

Prominent Government Critic Kem Ley killed

On the 10th of July, prominent political opposition activist Kem Ley was gunned down Phnom Penh. As an outspoken critic of the government and grassroots organiser, Ley’s death comes at time of heightened tension between the government and political opposition; civil society and political opposition report a continued crackdown by authorities on their activities. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro

A court imposes a heavy sentence on a prominent civil society activist, while anti-Nato protests take place in Podgorica. Read more

Smears Against Civil Society in Montenegro