Civic Space Developments

Trinidad and Tobago-Overview

A high-income economy according to World Bank criteria, Trinidad and Tobago exhibits significant inequality. Read more

Tunisia- Overview

In January 2014, the National Constituent Assembly adopted a new constitution, significantly strengthening human rights protections in Tunisia. Read more


The constitution guarantees the right to freedom of expression, however this right is undermined by a number of laws including the National Security Act and the recently enacted Statistics Act and Cybercrimes Act that severely curtail media freedoms and access to information. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

Article 20 (1) of the Constitution of Tanzania guarantees the right of peaceful assembly. A notification must be provided to the police 48 hours before holding a demonstration. Read more


Despite building a reputation as one of southern Africa’s most open societies, with a relatively free press and respect for civil liberties, a recent rise in fundamental freedoms violations has tarnished Tanzania’s image. Read more


Free expression and the right to information is guaranteed by law in Slovakia. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The right to protest is governed by the Law on Right to Assembly. Read more


Civil society organisations must register with the Interior Ministry while foundations face a double registration requirement, having to also register with the central body in the field of their operation. Read more

Slovakia - Overview

Slovakia’s laws contain strong protections for the core civic freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

Peaceful assembly is protected in Lithuania however organisers of gatherings of more than 10 persons must notify the police in advance. Read more