Crackdown on protests after military coup

On 25th October 2021, commander-in-chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan overthrew the transitional government and security agents detained at least 30 civilian political leaders and six cabinet members, including the civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, who was later placed under house arrest. He later announced the imposition of a nationwide state of emergency and the dissolution of the cabinet and Sovereign Council.

After a turbulent month, including crackdown on protests and censorship of media, a political agreement was signed on 21st November 2021, with Abdalla Hamdok reinstated as prime minister and the transition to civilian rule restored, including the release of political prisoners.

Peaceful Assembly 

Since the 25th October military coup, multiple demonstrations took place in the country demanding the military government step back and allow a peaceful transition to civilian rule. Security forces have repeatedly used teargas, rubber bullets and live ammunition to disperse protesters. According to the Sudanese Doctors’ Committee, at least 40 people have been killed during demonstrations in the capital Khartoum since the protests started.

Protests continued after the political agreement was signed. Thousands gathered in central Khartoum and marched to the presidential palace, but security forces fired tear gas to disperse them. 


Internet services were shut down on 25th October 2021, restricting people’s access to vital information during this time. A Sudanese Court on 9th November 2021 issued an order directing three telecommunication operators to restore full internet services, however, that order was not implemented. For example, it was reported that on 17th November 2021 Sudanese authorities cut off phone and mobile communications in addition to the internet shutdown.

In addition, several journalists have been arrested, including Al Jazeera’s Khartoum bureau chief, El Musalmi El Kabbashi who was arrested by the military after they raided his home on 14th November. He was later released.