Smear campaign against Panamanian newspaper La Prensa


On 11th February 2020, the president of publishing group Corprensa, Diego Quijano Durán, published a note in the La Prensa newspaper refuting a series of false or misleading information about the outlet which were spread in a defamation campaign. The messages smearing La Prensa reportedly said the newspaper was bankrupt, that it had delayed payment to employees and that part of its money had been deviated through philanthropic foundations. Quijano Durán rebuffed this information, writing in defence of independent journalism and asking the newspaper’s readers to continue to support La Prensa and journalistic work. On the note, he said:

“The issue is not whether La Prensa is perfect nor whether its publications coincide exactly with our individual perspectives, but to recognise the importance of independent media which is capable of questioning political and economic power, that has the strength to withstand demands and has the financial sustainability to guarantee editorial independence and endurance over time.”
Tags: harassment