Protest against neo-Nazi demonstration in German city of Kassel

Peaceful Assembly

On 20th July 2019, thousands of people attended a counter-protest against a demonstration by the neo-Nazi Group “Die Rechte” in the city of Kassel. The demonstration remained calm and peaceful. 

The neo-Nazi gathering was organised eight weeks after the killing of the former district president Walter Lübcke. The politician from the ruling CDU party, who has been vocal about refugees' rights to asylum, was shot dead on 2nd June. The group aimed to protest the way "in which the media has used the killing of a local politician to paint right-wing movements as extremists."  

German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht condemned the party for holding a rally only weeks after such an "unbelievable crime." 

"It is disgusting and sanctimonious that of all people it is those who stir up hatred who are marching through Kassel," she said.
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