Biker club "Hells Angels" banned in the Netherlands


A court in the city of Utrecht issued a decision on 29th May 2019 banning the biker club “Hells Angels” in the Netherlands. A culture of violence and violent clashes with other biker clubs have been named as the major reason for the ban.

The Dutch court stated that "the violence is often so serious and causes so much social unrest that it can be considered in contravention of social order".

"The court accepts that you can't just ban an association ... there has to be a real need to do so," court spokesman Hans Zuurmond told Dutch News. "This is about the inherent violence within the club."

The verdict is unique in banning not only a local branch of Hells Angels but the organisation as a whole nationwide. The Netherlands is the first country to do so. Some rivals clubs such as Satudarah and Bandidos are already banned in the Netherlands. However, both clubs have appealed the ban.