Massive protests over the killing of young indigenous man Camilo Catrillanca


In November 2018, Carolina Zumarán Robles, trade union leader reported she received death threats, allegedly related to complaints she made in relation to non-payment of salaries and gender discrimination. Several trade unions supported Zumaran and mobilised to demand for a thorough investigation. 

Peaceful Assembly

On 15th November 2018, thousands mobilised in towns and cities in Chile to condemn the assassination of a young indigenous man, Camilo Catrillanca allegedly by the specialised police unit, known as Comando Jungla (Jungle Command). Reports indicate that on 14th November 2018, a police operation was carried out in the community of Temucuicui, in order to search for individuals who had stolen three vehicles. As part of this police operation, Camilo Catrillanca, was shot dead in the head. 

Massive demonstrations took place in Santiago and other cities, demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick and the dismantling of the Comando Jungla police unit. Reports indicate that at least 20 protests have taken place in the Araucanía and Bío Bío regions in southern Chile. The Chilean police responded to the protests with repression, and several demonstrators were arrested as a result.