Rwandan government continues to Muzzle opposition voices


On 24th July 2018, Amnesty Eastern Africa reported that the trial against former presidential hopeful Diane Rwigara and her mother was due to resume, although details remain scant. As previously reported on the Monitor, the proceedings have been repeatedly delayed. The two have been charged with “inciting violence insurrection or trouble among the population,” as well as several tax related offences. on 18th June, authorities auctioned off almost $ 2 million of Rwigara's family tobacco business to recover tax arrears. Previously, authorities auctioned processed tobacco from her family’s business assets for 570,000 British Pounds ($747,000).

Diane, who was a female presidential candidate in the previous general election, stated that the auction and charges were politically motivated. Since announcing her decision to run for presidency, Diane and her family have experienced unending threats and attacks from authorities intended to intimidate and harass them. She has been in detention since September 2017.