2017: The year of total media displacement, according to journalists


The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria interviewed several journalists at the end of 2017 to gather their opinion regarding media freedom in Bulgaria.  According to media journalists, Bulgarian media is losing the struggle for the editorial independence to political actors. Journalists are exposed to attacks, threats and pressure due to their work. Throughout 2017, several journalists and editors received threats for their investigations, including from local politicians. One of the journalist stated: 

"2017 was the year of warnings targeting journalists. Government representatives demonstrated their understanding that a warning is an instrument for securing temporary silence."


A new fund (Active Citizen Fund Bulgaria) to support Bulgarian civil society organisations was launched in Sofia on June 2018. The main priorities of the Active Citizen Fund will be: improving democratic and civic culture and awareness, enhancing support for human rights, empowerment of vulnerable groups, boosting the contribution of civil society organisations to gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence, boosting the involvement of citizens with environment protection with regard to climate change, building the capacity and sustainability of the civil sector, including civil society organisations.

Peaceful Assembly

In July 2018, a protest organised by sheep breeders took place in in the village of Sharkovo. They protested the killing of their animals by the authorities under the guise of an outbreak of an infection, especially since they claimed the government  did not wait for the test results and the authorities have not followed all the necessary steps to quarantine animals in the affected areas. 

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