Thousands of workers protest government pension fund proposal

Peaceful Assembly

On 7th June 2018, thousands of workers from different unions marched to protest a government proposal to create a regulatory body that will control and supervise pension funds in Paraguay. Workers argue that they need clear procedures to ensure the funds will "return to the pension reserve after being used" because in the past, the use of funds for investment led to " bankruptcy and lost of the funds". 

The workers gathered in the main square "Plaza Uruguaya" and marched towards the Parliament building. Despite the heavy police present surrounding the building, no incidents of police use of excessive force were reported. 


In April, civil society organisation TEDIC issued a report analysing online freedom of expression in Paraguay. The report, which also describes restrictions on this freedom, identified a number of challenges including a proposed bill that mandates social media service providers to suspend and delete publications deemed "offensive or of defamatory character". In addition, regarding access to the internet, official data from CONATEL showed that three million people are connected in Paraguay. However, this increase in the numbers connected is undermined through expensive data plans, slow connection speeds and "zero rating" offers which violate net neutrality.