Incidents of state surveillance of journalists reported in media


On 15th January 2018, the independent journal El Faro published an article reporting on the surveillance of journalists by the state intelligence agency (Organismo de Inteligencia del Estado - OIE). The journal interviewed several former and current agents of the OIE. The article describes how OIE agents were sent to follow journalists and politicians to uncover information they could use to blackmail their targets, and in the case of the journalists, to identify their sources. 


Civil society organisations (CSO) have expressed their concern regarding the risk that defenders Tatiana and Meyra Aleman are facing after a court issued a decision releasing two police officers accused of tampering with evidence in the case of Daniel Aleman. In January 2017, Daniel was arbitrarily detained on drug possession charges. Tatiana and Meyra - Daniel's sister and mother - are members of the organisation Los siempre sospechosos de todo (the usual suspects) and have condemned the charges as police intimidation and abuse of power. The mother and daughter have been harassed for their outspokenness and criticism. Daniel was acquitted of the drug charges but is now being accused of extortion. Tatiana and Meyra fear what will happen, should the two officers be released. A regional CSO requested that the Ombudsman Office institute precautionary measures for their safety. 

Peaceful Assembly

On 20th December 2017, a group of citizens attempted to demonstrate against a law which they claim provides for the privatisation of public services. The citizens marched to the Presidential House but they were stopped by a police unit that prevented them from arriving at the final meeting point. There were no reports of injuries or arrests - only minor struggles between the demonstrators and police officers.