Well-known social leader murdered in Belize City


On 12th October 2017, Albert Cattouse was shot dead in Belize City. Cattouse was a taxi driver and also a recognised social leader who had been advocating for the reduction of gas prices for over a decade. It was reported that all his personal belongings were found at the crime scene and the attackers did not interact with him before the shooting. However, the specific motives behind the crime had not yet been established at the time of writing. 

Peaceful Assembly

On 5th December, a police unit violently repressed a protest by villagers demanding explanations regarding the murder of Edwin Antonio Baires, allegedly killed by a police officer. The demonstrators blocked a road with burning tires when police officers arrived and forced everyone to the ground. There was reportedly physical aggression towards some of the protesters and some had their cell phones confiscated. Three people were arrested during the protest.