Let Ugandan Activists Out of Jail

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On December 16th, Ugandan police from a unit known as the "Flying Squad" raided activists’ offices in Kampala and brutally arrested 16 youth activists known for their nonviolent activism opposing President Yoweri Museveni’s continued grab at power. These youth have been held without charge for over 48 hours—a violation of international law—without food or water, leaving one leader to be hospitalized. All the while President Yoweri Museveni attempts to extend his presidency yet again.

We need your help to amplify the message so that Ugandan authorities know that the world is watching and that this kind of violent treatment of nonviolent leaders is not acceptable. By taking this pledge, you are standing with the courageous Ugandan leaders fighting for rights using the most powerful weapon of all—nonviolent collective action!

Museveni is currently on a scorched earth campaign to pressure Ugandan Parliamentarians to pass a bill overturning a constitutional amendment that says a President cannot renew their term if they are over the age of 75. Museveni will be 77 years old in the next election and has ruled Uganda since 1986—that’s longer than most Ugandans have been alive. This Age Limit Bill would give him a life term. This is not a presidency. This is dictatorship.

Museveni is clearly threatened by youth whose only weapon is their collective nonviolent action. But, we must act fast to get them out of jail before they face potential torture and put their families at higher risk.

We need Museveni and those cowardly backing him with violent weapons to know that the world is watching! We stand in solidarity with the activists on the frontlines for the struggle for justice, peace and true democracy.

Take Action:

Share details of the campaign with friends and colleagues and on social media: #KampalaCrackdown

If your organization would be interested in supporting the campaign, please email joinus@rhize.org.

How else can I help?

Donate to our rapid response campaign to help cover bail, legal fees, food for the detained and family support: www.rhize.org/safety

Sign up to become a Rhize ally and get regular ways to help activists building powerful nonviolent movements around the world at www.rhize.org/join-us

More Background:

The following activists were arrested on the afternoon of December 16th in Kampala, and we are demanding their immediate release:

  1. Arinaitwe Scovia
  2. Buwembo Habib
  3. Nasali Margret (Mega)
  4. NABAKOZA Rahma
  5. Maato Zeedi
  6. Ssemakula Asadu
  7. Awadi Hashim
  8. Bakulumpagi Isa
  9. Walugembe Aziz
  10. Obonyo Oliver (O.O)
  11. Sserwanja Ibrahim
  12. Kaketo William
  13. Natuhwera Benard
  14. MUGALURA Obadia
  15. Magambo Philip
  16. Ssebiranda Eddie

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