Two young opposition protesters killed by security forces

Peaceful Assembly 

Security forces shot and killed two young protesters during an opposition protest on 20th September in Conakry. Protesters gathered to demand the implementation of political agreements made in October 2016, including the holding of local elections. The demonstration was mainly peaceful but clashes between young protesters and security forces erupted at the end of the protest. On 27th September, the day of the funeral for the two young protesters, thousands of opposition members and supporters took to the streets in Conakry. Opposition leaders such as Cellou Dalein Diallo condemned the violence and lamented the lack of an investigation into the deaths of the young protesters. 

Opposition members, led by Cellou Dallein Diallo, held another protest in Conakry and several localities throughout the country on 4th October to denounce the impunity in the case of the killing of opposition protesters and to show solidarity with the families that have suffered such losses. This protest occurred without incident, despite the fact that the governor of Conakry had refused to authorise the protest. 

On 25th September, the National Independent Election Commission announced 4th February 2018 as a potential date for the local elections to take place. These would be the first local elections to be held since 2005.