Attacks and violence inhibit humanitarian organsiations' operations


On 3rd August 2017, six Red Cross volunteers were killed during an armed attack of the Red Cross hospital in Gambo, Mbomou province in southeast CAR. According to, Selaka militia attacked the hospital in a counter-attack, killing patients, their parents and Red Cross volunteers, resulting in at least 50 casualties. In a press conference on 16th August, president of the Red Cross in CAR, Antoine Mbao-Bogo, condemned the recent killings, as well as declared that 11 Red Cross volunteers had been killed in CAR since January 2017. Mboa-Bogo further called on all parties to respect international humanitarian law in the conflict. 

In early July 2017, the main organisations providing humanitarian assistance in Kaga-Bandoro, in the northeast of the country, stopped their activities in the area after armed groups attacked their outposts and staff. Their absence in the region has left about 25,000 internally- displaced people without assistance. The International Rescue Committee relaunched some of their activities in the city, but has faced very difficult challenges in providing humanitarian assistance.  

During the last two weeks of August 2017, armed groups occupied Maison des Jeunes (House of the Youth) in Kabo, making it impossible for them to carry out their cultural, educational and other activities for young people.