Peaceful march on National Reconciliation Day disrupted by heavy police presence

Peaceful Assembly

Activists peacefully gathered in Luanda and Benguela on 4th April 2017 - National Reconciliation Day - to march and meet in memory of the more than 500,000 Angolans who lost their lives during the 15-year civil war. The police were present in both cities, closely monitoring the marches. However, heavy police cordons and the presence of police dogs in the capital, Luanda, deterred some activists from participating. 

On 18th March 2017, more than 200 women took to the streets of Luanda to call for the decriminalisation of abortion and in protest over proposals by parliament that would criminalise all abortions without exception. There was a large police presence but no reports of protest disruption or violence. On 23rd March, the National Assembly decided to postpone a hearing on the draft bill until further public consultations could take place.