Concern over new committee to review media law in Niger


On 1st February 2017, the Minister of Communication, Sani Koubra Hadiza, created a committee to review and adapt media-related legislation to the changing realities within Niger. According to the government, this committee will serve to "better organize and supervise the [media] sector as necessary for the freedom of the press and the expression of the rule of law".

The committee composed of six representatives from state institutions will initially review the following three laws:

  • 1993 Audiovisual Communication Ordinance
  • Niger Press Freedom Ordinance of 2010 
  • 2012 Law about the Composition, Powers, Organization and Functioning of the Nigerian Higher Council of Communication (CSC)

The creation of the committee has been met with some criticism from the media sector. The House of Press - a network of 20 media organisations in Niger - expressed particular concern over the lack of media professionals invited to participate in the committee's activities.