Peaceful protests against discrimination in Ghana

Peaceful Assembly

On 3rd November 2016, 108 Ghanaians and Liberians who were deported from the United States staged a brief protest at Accra airport.The protesters refused to leave the plane, accusing US authorities of inhumane treatment, including keeping them handcuffed and shackled before and during the journey to Accra. One of the people who was deported explained the situation to the Daily Graphic:

“We were handcuffed by the US authorities before we boarded the plane and even though we pleaded with them to remove the restraining devices while we were on board, they refused. Strangely, when the plane landed, they freed our hands and legs and asked us to disembark. That is why we said we would not get down unless they allowed us to get down with the handcuffs for everybody to see how they had treated us.” 

On 22nd December 2016, Ghana's senior female football team - the Black Queens - organised a peaceful protest to demand their bonuses and allowances from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The team should have received $25,000 each following their participation in the 2015 All Africa Games as well as their participation in the 2017 Africa Women's Championship.The players marched to the Ministry with placards, calling for an end to discrimination in how female athletes are treated and compensated. In January 2017 the Ministry paid the team a portion of what they were owed.

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