TV and radio stations suspended without prior notice

On 28th November, the High Council for Broadcasting and Communication (HAAC) of Benin suspended three television stations and one radio station without prior notice. The stations in question were E-Télé, Sikka TV, Eden TV and Soleil FM. According to the HAAC, the stations were suspended because they had changed their broadcast sites, which violates article 1 of the convention signed with the HAAC. This decision was described as arbitrary and was condemned by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Union of Media Professionals of Bénin (UPMB). President of IFJ Philippe Leruth said:

'Such a unilateral decision has considerable implications both on the freedom of the press in Benin and on the fate of the employees of these four media organisations. We strongly condemn it and ask the HAAC to reconsider its freedom-limiting choice.'