Egyptian MPs pass draconian associations law as civil society coordinates fightback

Egyptian civil society has responded swiftly to the recent passing of the draft associations law in Egypt. As previously covered in the CIVICUS Monitor, the draft associations law presents a serious threat to the existence of independent civic organisations and closes civic space in Egypt. On 15th November, the Egyptian Parliament passed the law despite widespread condemnation from domestic and international human rights groups. Civic organisations and opposition political parties have mounted a coordinated fightback against the draconian measures. Twenty-two civil society organisations and six political parties quickly released a joint press statement

'The undersigned political parties and civil society organisations condemn and reject the proposed law on civic associations drafted by parliamentary committees, because it effectively eradicates civil society and defers administration of it to the government and security apparatus.'

The passing of the draft into law illustrates the Egyptian authorities' determination to stamp out independent dissent and isolate Egyptian civil society from international cooperation. Egyptian civil society continues to mobilise in opposition.