Recent protests marred by violence

Peaceful Assembly

During the past two months, protests in Cote d'Ivoire were marred by violence from police and protestors alike. On 22nd October, a coalition of opposition parties held a gathering to demonstrate against the constitutional reform proposed by President Alassane Ouattara. Thousands of demonstrators met peacefully in the borough of Yopougon in Abidjan. However, a subsequent march by the same coalition on 28th October was violently disrupted by police using tear gas on protesters. When marchers attempted to take a different route to the one approved by authorities they were met with with a wall of police who begain to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd. One protester was injured and 20 people were arrested.

On 3rd October, a group of young people staged a violent protest in the city of Kattiola. They protested out of anger at the death of a young man, allegedly killed by a police officer. Violence during the protest led to the death of one police officer, five injured civilians including a child and extensive damange to property.