Trump victory spurs protests

Peaceful Assembly

The election of Donald Trump, whose 'Make America Great Again' campaign was widely criticised for its divisive tactics and xenophobic rhetoric, sparked a wave of protests across the country, and particularly on college campuses.

In the nation's capital, Washington DC, crowds gathered outside the White House in solidarity with those opposing Trump's victory. The protestors, mostly college students chanted 'Not my President', burned Americana baseball caps and sports shirts, and hung American flags upside down in protest. In New York City, protestors gathered in the early hours of the morning on 9th November and continued to grow to the thousands outside the Trump Tower in the evening. Scores of police officers manned barricades and some arrests were made. People unhappy with his election also demonstrated outside Trump buildings in Chicago. Some instances of violent interactions between Clinton and Trump supporters were reported.

Protests took place both in Republican and Democratic-leaning states. Anti-Trump marches began in numerous major cities across the country, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; and Austin, Texas as police forces prepared for the possibility of rioting. In Oakland, California, protestors lit trash cans and burned the American flag.