Government and churches appeal pro-LGBT ruling


As reported in our previous CIVICUS Monitor update for Belize, a supreme court decision on 10th August marked a great step forward for the LGBT community. However, not everyone in Belizean society welcomed the decision. On 16th September, the Government, the Catholic Church and the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) appealed aspects of the court ruling, which had struck down a ban on sodomy in section 53 of the Criminal Code. On 4th October, the Supreme Court dismissed NEAB's appeal, as they were not a party to the original case. Appeals by the other parties are still being considered.

Peaceful Assembly

Between 3rd and 18th October, the Belize National Teachers’ Union held a strike in support of their demand for better working conditions. Authorities respected their right to protest during large gatherings of teachers in the country's capital Belmopan. By 18th October, the government agreed to negotiate and try to fulfill most of the teacher’s demands including a salary increase, broadening of social security benefits and pension equality.