Media Censorship spikes during recent elections in Mongolia


Political interference with Mongolian media is widespread, censorship continues to impede independent journalism, especially on politically sensitive issues, and the government intensified its manipulation of the media during the recent parliamentary election on 29th June. Before and during the election, some reports by independent journalists were excluded from circulation because of collusion between media outlets and third parties including government agencies. Colloquially known as 'blocking provisions' (whereby a media outlet receives funds in return for preventing the broadcast of certain news items), such practices stifle the ability of journalists to accurately report on political events in Mongolia. Prominent journalist, L. Munkhbayasgalan, who hosts the TV program “Discussions without censorship”, frequently faces these kinds of constraints from broadcasting companies, forcing her to air controversial content through social media. In May, Munkhbayasgalan was banned from travelling after she planned to discuss Mongolian Politicians’ offshore accounts and her possible further cooperation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on the Panama Papers investigation.