Government strengthens cooperation with civil society organisations


The government of Costa Rica is working to strengthen cooperation with civil society organisations (CSOs). Through the “Government and Civil Society Collaboration for Open Government Project”, the government will support CSOs to develop projects related with open government, access to public information, accountability, or technological innovation. Representatives of civil society organisations in Costa Rica say they experience no constraints on the freedom of association, with clear laws and easy in processes in place for creating an organisation.

Peaceful Assembly

Over the last six months, three major protests took place in Costa Rica related to environmental issues, public workers’ rights and public opposition to mobility solutions like Uber. None of these protests experienced any disruption or use of excessive force. Procedures for organising peaceful protests in Costa Rica remain straightforward and organisers only need to notify a government agency of their intention to gather.


In the last year, there were no reported cases of attacks or harassment against the media. Costa Rica’s government continues to develop programs to improve freedom of expression in the country. In early 2016, the government presented three draft laws which aim to improve freedom of expression, ensure access to public information, and transparency in a request for tenders for official advertising.