More flexible tax rules help smaller CSOs


As a result of intensive joint advocacy efforts by civil society networks, on 3rd June the Slovenian Ministry of Finance amended the rules on Value Added Tax. This now means that smaller CSOs are no longer required to issue invoices when selling their products or services, thereby they will no longer be obliged to use a fiscal cash register. In other news, in June civil society groups clashed with the Municipality of Ljubljana over the renovation of an abandoned factory complex.

Peaceful Assembly

Localised protests are common in Slovenia, and recently there have been a number of demonstrations on topical issues including the resettlement of refugees, negotiations between public sector and trade unions, a change in the general management of the national television company, the double-taxation of Slovenian migrant workers in Austria and opposition to the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In the last two months, there were no reports of requests to demonstrate being denied.


While freedom of expression is generally well respected in Slovenia, recently some journalists, bloggers and activists experienced interference and harassment from members of the public who do not share their views.