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Tensions in Kashmir Reach Boiling Point

As the death toll reaches over 90, and with thousands of civilians injured, the conditions for civic activism in the Kashmir region are closing rapidly under pressure from the authorities. While protests rage, clashes between protesters and security forces have become a regular occurrence. Read more

Tensions in Kashmir Reach Boiling Point

Peasant farmers handed heavy sentences after 2012 protest

On 11 July 2016, 11 campesinos (peasant famers) were found guilty of murder, land invasion and other crimes in relation to the 2012 operation known as the Curuguaty Massacre, in which both campesinos and police officers were killed. Civil society organisations have called attention to flaws in the investigation and trial. Read more

Human rights defenders arrested in Kuwait

Two human rights defenders were recently arrested in Kuwait as the government amends the electoral law to bar anyone convicted of insulting the Emir from standing in national elections. Read more

Government critics harrassed through the courts

Human rights defenders in Oman continue to work in a hostile environment. Defenders have been arrested, arbitrarily detained, imprisoned and deprived of medical treatment. Read more

Protest rights violated in Lesotho

Authorities restricted the right to protest on at least two occassions in May and June while the administrators of a Facebook group which had leaked government information were detained. Read more