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Authorities continue to disrupt protests against mega projects

Security forces in Panama continue to disrupt indigenous protests, using rubber bullets to disperse the gathering, injuring some protestors. Read more

Authorities continue to disrupt protests against mega projects

Another activist is murdered as civic space restrictions continue in Honduras

Restrictions to civic space continue in Honduras with the murder of an environmental activist, criminalisation of peaceful protests and limitations to the right of freedom of expression Read more

Another activist is murdered as civic space restrictions continue in Honduras

Journalists continue to work in a hostile environment in Guatemala

Civic space continues to be undermined in Guatemala as human rights defenders continue to face intimidation and harassment, and journalists operate in an increasingly hostile environment.

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Impunity for police aggression against indigenous women human rights defenders

A court in Ecuador ruled against eight women human rights defenders, rejecting their allegations of police aggression during a peaceful protest. Read more

Bolivian court upholds controversial civil society law

The right to freedom of association has been undermined by a recent decision of Bolivia's Constitutional Court, which validated provisions of the Law on Legal Entities. Read more

Civil society opposes new social media law in Nepal

A new social media law is being criticised for violating free expression, while protestors gathered to criticise parts of Nepal's new constitution, which they claim discriminates against minorities. Read more

Constant repression of protests in Honduras

The police repressed recent protests in Honduras with tears gas and water cannon while 12 journalists were killed in 2015. Read more

Correa vilifies nongovermental organisations

Ecuador's President Correa alleges that there is an invasion of NGOs supported by other governments, which are a threat to democracy because they set a political agenda without democratic legitimacy or responsibility.

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Killing of human rights defenders worsens in 2016

The situation for human rights defenders in Colombia seems to be deteriorating. In the first week of March, five social leaders were assassinated. Minga movement protests have been repressed in recent months and journalists are facing higher risks while reporting, especially in conflict areas. Read more