Increasingly Blurred Lines Between State and Media Independence In Croatia

Three radio shows, aired on the third channel of the public broadcaster Croatian Radio television (HRT), were terminated without explanation by authorities. Questions continue to be raised over the independence of state-owned media, with many simply viewing these outlets as an extension of the state. Read more

Increasingly Blurred Lines Between State and Media Independence In Croatia

People protest over economic crisis

Many demonstrations have occurred in Suriname because of the ongoing financial and economic crisis in the country. Read more

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New bill to regulate civil society worries local groups

Nigerian civil society is concerned by provisions in a proposed bill to regulate the sector, which could increase scrutiny and surveillance over CSOs. Read more

Boost for CSOs overshadowed by repressive media proposal

A new law promises greater financial support from the public to for civil society organisations as parliamentarians debate a law which proposes to limit access to foreign media content in Moldova. Read more

Protest at post-election event disrupted

Four silent protestors were forcibly removed following a silent protest to raise the issue of rape in South Africa. Read more

Wave of worker's rights protests turn violent in Jordan

On 22nd June, local activists organised a sit-in on a roundabout to demonstrate against high unemployment and lack of job opportunities in the area. Security forces used tear gas to forcefully disperse the protest leading to clashes with protesters, multiple injuries and reports of over 22 arrests. Read more

Cuba authorities arrested human rights defenders ahead of President Obama visit

Ahead of US President Obama's historic visit, more than 50 members of the Ladies in White organisation were arrested while hosting a peaceful protest. Other civil society leaders were placed under house arrest for the duration of the visit. Read more

Police arrest protestors in Trinidad and Tobago

Several peaceful protests have taken place in Trinidad and Tobago in 2016. In one such protest, the police arrested three protesters. Read more

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Protests on electoral reform and refugee rights gain momentum in Lebanon

Citizens and civil society groups are protesting for proportional representation to be implemented in Lebanon to break the current political deadlock. After recent suicide bombings the Lebanese authorities have become increasingly hostile to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. On 18 July, anti-racism demonstrations took place calling for the abolition of these measures. Read more

Liberian activist freed as sedition charges dropped

A court dropped charges against activist Vandalark Patricks after he made a speech calling for accountability for the killing of human rights defenders. Read more