Draft NGO law contains restrictions on freedom of association

In March, the Ministry of Social Development released a draft NGO law, raising concerns about restrictions on freedom of association. Read more

Media polarisation reported to be on the rise in Serbia

Civil society in Serbia is concerned that some media statements are reflective of rising tensions and a return to dark days of hate speech. Read more

Access to information law approved

The Togolese parliament approved a new access to information law however protests continued to be met with violence in Mango. Read more

Rare demonstration takes place in Damascus as conflict rages on

Protests were held in Damascus against increases in the price of fuel, but no cases of violence were reported. Attacks against journalists have continued and one journalist was killed while reporting on a Syrian government bombardment. Read more

Reports: at least 17 unarmed protestors killed in late May

Despite legal protections, at least 17 unarmed protestors were reportedly killed by security forces in late May. Read more

Large protests met with violence in Baghdad

Peaceful protests that broke out in Baghdad’s green zone on May 20 2016 were met with lethal force by Iraqi security forces, including the use of rubber bullets, live ammunition and teargas canisters. Read more

Black Lives Matter Activist convicted of 'felony lynching'

The criminalisation of protesters in the USA was highlighted by the conviction of Black Lives Matter activist, Jasmine Richards for “felony lynching”. Read more

More flexible tax rules help smaller CSOs

Smaller civil society organisations benfitted from a relaxation of tax reporting laws while protests took place without hindrance on a number of issues. Some journalists however experienced harrassment from members of the public who disagreed with their views. Read more