Bolivian court upholds controversial civil society law

The right to freedom of association has been undermined by a recent decision of Bolivia's Constitutional Court, which validated provisions of the Law on Legal Entities. Read more

Repression escalates as #Thisflag movement gathers momentum

Arrests and brutality by security forces are on the rise in Zimbabwe as increasingly numbers of people mobilise under the #Thisflag movement. Read more

Repression escalates as #Thisflag movement gathers momentum

New regulations for civil society as threats continue against Italy's journalists

Reforms were passed on 18th June which could improve registration processes for CSOs; while journalists in Italy continue to face physical attacks, death threats and denial of information requests. Read more

Environmental Protest Turns Violent on Kerkennah Islands

Protests opposing the negative environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry on the Kerkennah Islands turned violent. Read more

Social media remains blocked in Chad

Social media platforms are still blocked as the leaders of human rights groups and social movements continue to be targetted and imprisoned. Read more

Civic space threatened as violence flares in South Sudan

Renewed fighting between government factions began on 7th July as activists fled their homes in fear of being targetted. Read more

Constant repression of protests in Honduras

The police repressed recent protests in Honduras with tears gas and water cannon while 12 journalists were killed in 2015. Read more

Funding cuts hit hundreds of CSOs in Croatia

Over 400 CSOs petitioned the government against cuts to state funding for civil society while large protests took place in Zagreb in support of educational reform. Read more

Authorities harass protestors through court

In mid-2016, protestors and free speech advocates were arbitrarily arrested and harrassed through the courts. Read more

'Colourful Revolution' protest leaders demeaned in public

A protest movement held sustained demonstrations against abuse of state power as its leaders were demeaned in public and targetted by counter-demonstrators. Read more