Protests against building of the Great Canal continue in Nicaragua

Protests against the building of the great canal in Nicaragua continue with a heavy police presence. Read more

Protests against building of the Great Canal continue in Nicaragua


Freedom of expression is constitutionally recognised, but restrictive media policies have proliferated in recent years. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

The Nicaraguan Constitution supports freedom of assembly, and according to the Manual for Individual and Political Rights, gatherings of more than twenty people require prior notice. Read more


Freedom of association is recognised in the Constitution of Nicaragua Read more


Civil society in Nicaragua faces growing restrictions as political power has become increasingly concentrated in recent years. Read more

Authorities scrap proposals to regulate free expression during elections

The Supreme Electoral Council annulled a regulation that would have undermined freedom of expression during the election campaign that begins on 20th August. Read more

New law undermines civil and political rights

The Sovereign Security Act seriously undermines freedom of association in Nicaragua. The legislation also restricts the right to peaceful assembly as it gives discretionary powers to the police to prevent or stop any demonstration. Read more